Friday, 13 July 2012


I am currently working on the costumes for a short film trilogy of 'Tales' - reworked fairytales set against the backdrop of a surreal, majestic and timeless modern world. Take a look at the production company's website More-Films.

Tales Moodboard
Moodboard for 7 Dancing Princesses

Please also take a look at our crowd funding campaign for Tales. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported us so far. Please spread the word and help us make it to 50% by next week!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New Website

Please take a look at all my latest knitted designs, at

And watch this space for more to come....

An Overdue Update

Welcome to my newly edited and updated blog. I've not been on here in a very long time as I've been busy finishing my degree and sorting myself out. I am now hopefully sorted.
Here is a speedy update of the last 12 months:

July 2011 = Finished working at Sue Wong in LA, where I learnt a lot about the American fashion industry as well as aspects of PR and events. 

Me with Sue Wong
Me with the SW team

September = Worked at London Fashion Week for the British Fashion Council in the Operations Team. Which was a great way to see the new and upcoming British designers. 
Aquascutum Menswear A/W 2011
Dr Noki Menswear A/W 2011

October = Began research on my dissertation entitled; A Study of the Impact of Parachute Production on Britain.
A WWII parachute. Courtesy of the Macclesfield Silk Museum
A dress made from up-cycled parachutes. Courtesy of Macclesfield Silk Museum.

December = Completed my first term's knitted project inspired by Fruit.
Photoshopped image of my Final Design
February 2012 = Visited a Technical Textile Factory in Tiverton for my dissertation research, understood how technical textiles are spun and woven in order to create such strong materials. Britain still has the research and technology available to keep the industry here successful.
Taken from a Second World War Journal

April = As part of my degree course, I chose to do a module on Fashion Photography and Styling. I wanted to highlight the issues of present day waste and litter, by having a 'typical holiday' photoshoot set on the Southbank river: Urban Beach

The 'beach' scene.

May = Finished my degree. My final project focused on producing knitted fabrics inspired by origami structures. I wanted to recreate the three-dimensional forms within knitted designs.

Inspired by Paper-folding and Origami
A knitted origami structure

June 2012 = Was chosen to attend New Designers exhibition at the Business Design Centre, with 20 other textile designers from my course.

My stand at New Designers

So those are all the textile/fashion related highlights of the past year. I will repost some more of my work and go into my various projects in more detail. But hopefully this should keep you happy for the time being.

Thank you all for being patient, I am now officially back again for good!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Washington Post

Image taken from here

I'm in the Washington Post! I'm definitely way too over excited about this.

Carie Lemack came to Sue Wong to find a dress for the Oscars. She was nominated for Best Documentary (Short Subject) for the film 'Killing in the Name', directed by Jed Rothstein, co-produced by Carie Lemack.

I think it looks really interesting.

Sorry, not very designer related.

Tomorrow Never Comes

I apologise for the lack of my blog in the last 9 months or so. Its been terrible I know.
I blame it on end of year exams firstly, then being crazy busy over summer, and then with my whole year in Industry malarky. But mostly its because I'm terribly lazy and have no real need to continue it - there is no teacher telling me that I have to or no job application as yet.

Throughout these 9 months, I kept telling myself that I have to write my blog this weekend, or I will definitely write something tomorrow. But in the words of Ronan Keating and by more reputable people, tomorrow never comes. and it literally never did, until yesterday, when I decided to finally actually write something.

I thought I would give you a summary of my life over the past time. I plan to come back and add a proper blog about each of the following - as I have missed a whole load of interesting things, websites, videos, art, photography, all stored up in my brain...that I need to show. I will wait for another 'tomorrow' and a cold and wet day to upload everything...and tell you my stories and share my findings.

Back to a summary:
July: I spent pretty much the whole of July designing and making costumes for a play for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was called When In Rome and was produced by a best friend of mine, Ella Jones. It was extremely funny, well written and directed, Rob Thorman, and as I heard, an incredible success!

August - December: I spent 5 months in Paris! (I did it! I actually ended up living there. My dream came true). It was incredible - I really loved it. I was interning for Première Vision - a massive international textile faire, and at the same time learning some french.

Image taken from here

January - I flew out to Los Angeles (where I am currently residing) and am now interning for Sue Wong, a high end fashion designer.

Image taken from here

Its all been very crazy, and I've learnt loads and met amazing people, and seen lots of incredible things. I will have to update you properly! This really doesn't excuse 9 months of silence...but I managed to find an urge within me to blog, and this shouldn't be ignored.

Speak soon,


Friday, 21 May 2010

10 final designs

These are my 10 final designs related to my Knitted Underground Project. I was inspired by the London Underground and so through colour and various techniques created 10 samples related to my theme. I was really intrigued by the use of the over knitting technique and found it a really successful way to demonstrate vertical lines amongst my horizontal stripes. I also developed a technique that creates diagonal shapes within a knitted structure.

This is an example of how my samples would be used on a knitted jumper or cardigan. I love the way it turned out and really feel that the colours work so well together.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Bon Bon

It was my best friend Yentyl's 21st yesterday, so some of my friends and I made her a wallhanging. She is originally from Trinidad but has lived in London since she was 7, but is now off to Paris for a year (and potentially for a lot longer).

Due to her frenchyness (she has a french boyfriend) we chose a french and london theme - so obviously red, white and blue... we also wrote 'postcards' from us all addressed to random Parisian places, and stuck cute pictures of eiffel towers and frenchy things. There was also some remnants from our gap year obviously - some scrap materials from Northen Thailand, and some Indian beads, as well as 'polaroids' of us. Anyway, it came together really nicely, (although took me a wee while to sew).